Thursday, June 10, 2010


I found an amazing author (AAA).  She is thought provoking, and makes me think outside the box.  The box of what I have learned in life through parents, religion, and just people around me. I'm on my second book by her, and I'm scouring thrift stores, resale bookstores in Twin Falls, to start my collection. I only keep certain authors, and the rest i trade off.  I am currently keeping Ted Dekker, Nicolas Sparks, Janet Evonovich, and now Jodi Picoult.  It is so funny as I look at that list the reasons that I love each one of them. They are all so different, but all have touched me deeply that i can't bear to give them away or even resale them! Reading is such great part of who I am. The first novel I read from her was 19 Minutes. Jodi Picoult, has a way of looking at angles of life that made me realize we always, ALWAYS, should not judge others, that there is always another side to stories we think we know things about. If for no other reason that is why a human being should be reading, to learn, to ingest, and to change our lives around what we have learned. Thank you Jodi Picoult for making my mind, my heart, and my soul a better place!!

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  1. I never read, but I need to. I love Nicholas Sparks and have read almost all of his books. I will have to give Jodi a try! Thanks for the idea!